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Professional Boiler & Heating System Services

We are boiler specialists and we're known in the industry as "Boilermakers". Our services extend beyond the boiler to other components and systems that are critical to managing the climate and energy efficiency of your of your building. Our professional boiler mechanics, welders, and pipefitters have the skills and experience to complete complex mechanical contracting jobs.

Boiler Installations & Maintenance

Expert Boiler Sales, Service & Installations

  • Boiler Repairs & Service
  • Burner Repairs & Tune Ups
  • Heat Exchangers & Wiring
  • Steam Trap, Condensate & Water Treatment Systems
  • Stack Exhaust & Breeching Systems
  • Boiler Retubing/Refactory Repairs & ASME Weld Repairs
  • Piping-Process, Welded, Threaded, Grooved, Copper & Stainess Steel

  • Experience with Cleaver Brooks, Fulton, Superior, York Shipley, Laars, Lochinvar
    Aerco, Raypak, Burnham, Crown, AO Smith, Weil-Mclain, Peerless, Peerless & HB Smith
  • Factory Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Pipe Headers & Maintenance

    Pipe Headers & Maintenance

    Our skilled welders and pipefitters can manufacture headers and fitting to meet your exact requirments.
    We have the tools and resources to pre-assemble headers and other fittings on our shop so that our boiler
    installation projects go smoothly and stay on schedule. If you have a need for customized pipe headers and
    fittings, contact us today. We'll review your requirements and provide you with a free estimate.

    Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems

    A combined heat & power system generates two forms of enery from a single
    fuel source. In the most common application, a natural gas drven turbine produces both electricty and hot water.
    By By capturing the heat or for domestic hot water purposes, the CHP unit is more efficient that the combination
    of traditional boilers and electicity supplied by the utility company. Other benifits include reduced greenhouse gas
    emmissions, reduced rependence on the electrical grid, more efficient use of your existing boiler plant, and scalable

    Recente advances in mocro-turbine technology have significantly reduced the payback period for CHP investments.
    A CHP System now pays for itself in 3 to 4 years, and owners of CHP systems can realize a savings of $60,000 or more
    each year the system is in operation.

    Combined heat & power systems are an ideal match for buildings with the following characteristics:

  • A year round demand for hot water
  • Existing boilers that run on oil
  • A single electrical meter fort the building (as opposed to an apartment building this is sub-metered for each tenent
  • A demand of at least 75kW of electicity on average during the day

  • If your interested in learning more about CHP, please contact our office . If we feel that your building
    is good fit for CHP, we will analyse your energy consumption and provide you with a free savings analysis

    Burner Installations & Maintenance

  • Burner Repairs & Tune Ups
  • Burner Conversion-Oil/Gas/Dual Fuel NOx
  • Computerized Combustion Analysis & Emissions Testing
  • Boiler Controls and Wiring
  • Make Up Air Supply Systems
  • Flame Safeguard Equipment & Control Systems
  • Oil Tranfer Systems & Gas Booster Pumps
  • Oil & Gas Piping Installations & Repairs
  • Experienced with Cleaver Brooks, Fulton, Power Flame, Beckett, Calin, Riello, Gordon-Platt, Webster,
    Laars, Lochinvar, Well McLain, & Peerless
  • Factory Trained and Certified Service Technicians
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
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